Khalil Ismail Nasheed

Khalil Ismail Nasheed

Born into Islam, Khalil always wrote poems that celebrated the praises of God and spoke more directly of issues within his religion. Most of which he shared with family and friends but never released. After three universal music releases, Khalil Ismail has decided to release a Nasheed Album dedicated to the Muslim community as well as the broader religious communities. He also hopes to use the project as a way to help educate those who know little about Islam.

Combining an edgy rap style with soulful and deep singing, his new album series (soul submission) promises to be a unique contribution to the religious music genre. He plans to release two versions of each track, one with musical instruments and one all vocal and beatbox in an effort to respect those who choose to not listen to instruments.

Khalil Ismail recently produced and featured in projects for internationally famous artist, Zain Bhikha. “Freedom will come” off of the album 1415, and “Muhammad,” “There is Only One God,” “Heartbeat,” and “First we need the love,” from Zain’s album, Hope.

His experience in the Nasheed industry has been vast, touring the United States, Africa and Holland performing with Zain Bhikha. His sincere passion and conviction for what he believes in promises to shine through in every track you hear from this exciting new project.

As an American born African American Muslim, Khalil is making efforts to bridge gaps, erase negative stereotypes, and portray the beauty and reality of Islam. His universal music projects speak of peace, tolerance, love and life and his Nasheed projects promise to be an extention of those concepts.