Good news y’all!!! For those who discipline their desires, who patiently persevere through hardship, who stand for justice against themselves or even the ones with more worldly power, who give to their neighbors , who forgive when they have privilege and power, who trust Allah ultimately to take care of what they can’t forgive, whos faith in Allahs protection is bigger than the need to belong, who wake up at night and crave Allahs forgiveness for themselves, who tell the truth even when it’s inconvenient and who are consistent in regular prayers and small positive deeds, a reward awaits you after the grave that promises to make you glad you went through the gut wrenching but temporary pain of this world. Broken hearted now? There’s nothing Allah can’t fix. Eternal beauty, happiness, and satisfaction awaits you. Just hold on dear soul. Hold on a little longer. #goodnews #thegoodnews #love #faith

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