I literally help people because I think it’s the best thing to do and the selfish part about it is I want Allahs forgiveness, so much of it is not about that person. In many cases ive been punished because people thought I was doing it because I wanted them or wanted something in return and when I didn’t show interest in that, I paid for it.. I won’t stop being this way because Allah is greater but I grow tired of being punished for it I admit. Maybe I’ll work on helping people who go through what I go through and that will be partially selfish too because I think it might help me just as much. Yep I love myself a little bit too much to not intentionally seek benefit when serving. I think anything else is self deception anyways. Does anybody get what I’m saying? #selfhelp #selflove #dunya #deen #saveyourself #serveothers #love

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