My latest production is for former Nfl player, Hamza Abdullah. After struggling with thoughts of suicide , stress, and depression , he’s decided to create a platform to help others who’ve had similar struggles. Make sure you go to to watch the FULL movie then please support this man and pre-order his book. This was a deep one and I was honored to be chosen to lead the production of this video and the new website. The vision started with what @hamzaabdullah21 wrote. Then shouts to my dope team Kirby Griffin as DP and @kayonaebonybrown as AD. Shouts to @uzauthor and @jamilahelamin for helping him write and edit his book respectively. And @meccadonna of @meccadigitale for doing graphics for me for Thanks to @brotheraliisblind @ajablack and @bigsamir for putting their soul in the music we chose. You will find that the best projects have the best teams behind them. #creativedirector #filmmaker #musicsupervisor #storyteller #musicproducer #nfl #cte #suicide #depression #sports #transition

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