Who Is Allah? 99 names Edutainment Learning Package

Awarding winning artist Khalil Ismail and bestselling author Umm Zakiyyah are teaming up with to bring you a one of a kind learning experience with the 99 Names of Allah:, a digital song download (including voice-only version), a 4-book children’s packet, and a lyrics book for adults.

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Either we reach our $20,000 goal or this amazing project doesn’t happen. Every dollar counts! Help us bring this entertaining educational packet to every Muslim home. Starting March 15th, you can give to our launchgood page. But if you want to donate now, you can click the “give” button on this page and we will count you toward the campaign. See the sponsorship levels at the bottom of the page.



Don’t stop with the book and song. Help us launch an app and video too! 

With $50,000 we can bring you an interactive Who Is Allah app to download to every iOs and Android. We will also add a video with text that further assists with learning.

Best Selling Author, Award Winning Artist

Khalil Ismail is an award-winning lyricist and artist and is a writer and producer  Khalil’s work has been featured on the Discovery Channel, PBS, and the NBA in the US. He is currently producing voice-only alternatives for his songs, including the bestselling songs “Allah” and this project’s own “99 Names”. He is the founder of Finding Peace Project, a community outreach organization,and is active in interfaith work.

For this groundbreaking project, he is partnering with Umm Zakiyyah, internationally acclaimed author of If I Should Speak and Muslim Girl. In addition to being the author of more than fourteen books, Umm Zakiyyah is an award-winning educator with a BA in elementary education and an MA in English language learning.

More About Umm Zakiyyah

Umm Zakiyyah’s parents converted to Islam the year she was born, and most of her extended family are Christian. She attended American public school throughouther youth, and it was through these experiences that she became aware of her unique identity as a Muslim woman in America.

It was due to her dedication to her faith and her love for education that she became both a writer and a professional teacher. “Growing up, I didn’t know I would found a publishing company and teach internationally,” she says.”But having the opportunity to write stories that inspire non-Muslims to accept Islam, as well as witnessing struggling Muslims recommit to their faith after reading my books and attending my classes, is what continues to motivate me today.”

However, Umm Zakiyyah admits that things have not always been easy. “The idea of incorporating faith lessons in entertaining contexts is not something that many Muslims readily accept,” she says. “So I still get questions and opposition from Muslims who believe Islam can only be taught in traditionally religious settings like the masjid or a scholar’s class.” Nevertheless, she remains dedicated to becoming successful as writer, educator, and artist who writes novels and movie scripts throughout the day and teaches Qur’an on the weekend. Now, with the 99 Names LaunchGood project, she hopes to again fuse faith and art to share with the world an edutainment package that gives the answer to possibly the most important question anyone could ask, “Who is Allah?”

More About Khalil Ismail

Growing up as the child of parents who converted from Christianity to Islam, Khalil Ismail learned about Allah while he was very young. It was at ten years old that he wrote his first poem about Allah, which he performed for the first time at 12. This song would eventually become the bestselling song “Allah” on his nasheed album Soul Submission and influence the “99 Names” song that inspired this LaunchGood project.

From childhood, Khalil has always been fascinated with the relationship between visuals and sound. As a youth, he saw the power of videos and music, but he became increasingly concerned about the negative impact of that power when he witnessed commercial music devolve more and more into the immoral. It was through a desire to incorporate spiritual and humanitarian messages into powerful artistic expression that he began to compose conscious music himself. His independent art was so well-received that he was approached by a major music executive from Universal Records about signing under their label. Khalil turned down the offer because they were more interested in his music talent than the humanitarian messages that formed the soul of his art.

Though making the decision to remain an independent artist was undoubtedly the right one, Khalil acknowledges that the road thereafter was not easy. Muslim artists, especially in the music industry, are often undervalued and unsupported in Muslim communities despite Muslims being amongst the main financial consumers of non-Muslim art and music. However, despite the financial sacrifices and continuous opposition from many Muslim circles, Khalil Ismail’s work has been featured on major television, including the Discovery Channel, Fox promos, the National Basketball Association (NBA), and PBS.

Additionally, Khalil has toured the world and given workshops that teach others how to create powerful art while remaining morally and spiritually grounded. Today, he is a writer and producer for the world-renowned nasheed artist Zain Bhikha and a film director for two short films, both of which convey moral consciousness in an increasingly spiritually depraved world.

Despite the continuous struggles and setbacks as a Muslim artist, Khalil Ismail remains optimistic about his art being both necessary and empowering in today’s world. And he maintains that it all begins with centering one’s life around Allah, hence this current project, “Who is Allah?” Through answering this powerful question, both Muslims and non-Muslims, as well as adults and children, can have an engaging edutainment tool to learn about their Creator and discover how His names and attributes relate to everyday life.

This project fuses Khalil Ismail’s soul-stirring talents in video, art, and song with Umm Zakiyyah’s expertise in education and inspirational writing to produce a moving, interactive song-book package designed for both adults and children to learn the Names of Allah, their meanings, and how to understand them in real life.

How You Can Help and what you’ll receive.


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