Being valuable

If your dreams dont scare you or just never seem to get that big, youre still someone. If your ambitions arent to be a rockstar, a lawyer, or an engineer, youre still someone. If you never was able to get that next degree or PHD you’re still someone. If youve been single and searching for the last 10 years, but still havent found a mate you want to be with, youre still someone.
You’re still someone because you gave to the beggar. Because you were patient when your husband or wife frustrated you. Youre still someone because you gave the dollar you saw someone drop, back. Youre still someone because you got up and walked away when you heard someone being backbit. Youre still someone because you got up and prayed at 4:30 am despite being dead tired from overtime work the night before.

The former is good and may give 20-40 years of material prosperity while still enduring the trials, pains, ups,downs, and joys and depressions of this life

The latter is superior and may get you 20-40 billion years of pure joy and bliss with no pain in the realm that will matter more.