We’ve all heard the phrase, hurt people hurt people.

But How?

You or someone or something you love deeply has been tremendously wronged. The trauma and pain becomes so unbearable that any person or symbol of that pain automatically is associated directly with the abuser and or abuse. One of the major diseases the abuser transfers to the abusee is dehumanization. The abusee in turn dehumanizes the closest symbols of its abuse(symbols being people that resemble closest, the actual abuser) Ive observed two extreme effects with this. One is that the abusee wallows in victimization. This allows him or her to do no wrong and blame everyone else for their own maladjusted behavior. The second effect is the God-Like power given to the symbol of abuse by the abusee. Every move every word, every action made by the symbol is blamed or given credit. The symbol may or may not be guilty of anything but it doesn’t matter because the abusee can no longer see and discern based on its trauma. Im realizing dehumanization isn’t as simple as making someone feel less than human. Its also about making them feel MORE than human.

Why is it that we blame so much of our failures on whites and racism yet beg them to accept us? Dehumanization. Why is it that Black Men are constantly ragged on for their deficiencies over and over again, maligned and defamed, yet you give them such easy access to the panties? Dehumanization. Why is it that black women are constantly looked at as problematic and disrespectful but in secret, we’re all trying to sleep with them starting with the slavemasters to the arabs to the black men? Dehumanization. Why is it that black culture and style is demeaned and ridiculed yet all over the world they copy and follow our walk, our music our slang? Dehumanization. Why is it that Arabs are vilified and typecast as terrorists and savages, yet the very resource we use to fuel our industrial and technological lives come from deals we made with Arabs? Dehumanization.
This reality plagues us as human beings. We have the hardest time giving ALLAH his throne and deriving our self worth from Him. And its inhibiting our ability to treat and frame human beings as they should be treated and framed.

Surah 49 Ayah 13
O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

Khalil Ismail is an award-winning lyricist and artist. Khalil’s work has been featured on the  Discovery Channel , the National Basketball Association, and more…. He recently released “The Hoping” and the nasheed album “Soul Redemption”. He is also the founder of Finding Peace Project, a community outreach organization. He is active in interfaith work in Baltimore, Maryland, and is currently working to bolster the programming for the American Islamic Heritage Museum in Washington, D.C. To find out more about him, visit