Everyday I go to war with myself against shirk in my heart. Fighting shirk isnt just about worshiping statues , though that is one of the worst kinds. But it is mostly about putting God before my own ideas and desires and constantly scanning myself for self deception. Sometimes I tire from the battle especially when I find the self deception and recognize the wrong Ive committed because being wrong hurts my pride and I don’t like the feeling. It is consistent prayer that reminds me of the infinite mercy of Allah and keeps me striving. That He is more merciful to me than I can be to myself gives me hope. Without it, I think I may have given up on my spiritual self. May Allah keep us steadfast in prayer and dhikr. It really does save. #kiwritings #tazkiyatunnafs #faith #shirk #islam #muslim #thestruggle #thepain #forgivemegod #forgiveme

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