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Creative Motivator

Artist | Author| Speaker | Filmmaker


Book Khalil Ismail for Speaking, Lectures, Performance, Or Consultation


Artist | Author | Speaker | Filmmaker

Book Khalil Ismail for Speaking, Performing, Or Consultation


Hiphop Soul Rock

Award winning, genre-bending hiphop
infused with rnb and distorted guitar

Soul Series

Tunes inspired by Islam and Nasheed


  • The intersection of Black and Muslim
  • Growing up Black and Muslim
  • Confronting Prejudice

A Renaissance Man

Music may be what KI does but it is far from what defines him. Khalil is a husband and father of 5. He spends much of his time strategizing and working to better serve black marginalized populations in Baltimore city. He served as a house manager and resident counselor for 5 years at a women’s homeless shelter and currently mentors inner city youth, teaching them how to tell their story using media.  He has lectured at major universities such as Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and Cornell on various social topics particularly pertaining to race and justice. His dedication to the betterment of humanity is actually what fuels his creative work. In 2020, KI launched a unique creative life coaching initiative named “KI LIVING”.


Musically Gifted

KI is an award winning solo artist with an international appeal. His single, “knocking” charted 3rd on independent hip-hop radio charts. He has made multiple appearances on national television including appearing on discovery channel as the voice of one of it’s flagship shows. Ismail has performed in West and South Africa, UK, Amsterdam, Australia, Germany and around the U.S.

His compositions total more than a million views on youtube and facebook and he receives thousands of streams a week on Spotify.

The Future is film

KI’ directorial debut was 22 minute self funded film and it landed on Amazon prime! Expect much more from KI in this capacity in the near future. 


One of the most marginalized unrecognized groups of heroes are Muslim women who live in faith. Many feel pressure to hide their uniqness due to the pressures of society. This series aims to be a platform  that recognizes and honors the struggle of Muslim women.

  • Podcast featuring interviews on Muslim women faith leaders
  • Deep dive course on Maryam mother of believers
  • Song & Video