"I write to move the heart to a better understanding of truth, love, and justice starting with myself. I write to relieve the strivers of the pain of their self perceived failures starting with myself. I write to remind myself in gratitude that this beautiful gift called a soul that Ar-Raheem has breathed into me, is His, not mine. I write because I sometimes don't know what to do with the all the love and the angst inside. I write to relieve and be relieved. Welcome.

- Khalil Ismail

Music may be something  Khalil Ismail does but it is far from what defines him. Khalil is a 19 year husband and father. He spends much of his time strategizing and working to better serve black marginalized populations in Baltimore city. He served as a house manager and resident counselor for 5 years at a women’s homeless shelter and currently mentors inner city youth, teaching them how to tell their story using media.  He has lectured at major universities such as Princeton, Johns Hopkins, and Cornell on various social topics particularly pertaining to race and justice. His dedication to the betterment of humanity is actually what fuels his creative work. In 2020, KI launched a unique creative life and motivational coaching initiative named “KI LIVING”.

Khalil Ismail is a highly accomplished and award-winning musician, known for his skills as a songwriter, vocalist, and rapper. His music has received recognition on top indie music charts and has been licensed by prominent media platforms such as the Discovery Channel and the National Basketball Association.
Determined to make a positive impact through his lived intersections and experiences, Khalil expanded his focus to writing music that addresses the struggles of Muslims going through faith crises and educating non-Muslims about Islam. His experiences as a black Muslim in America have given him a unique perspective on overcoming marginalization and relying on a higher power for guidance.
For Khalil, music is a powerful tool for self-expression and communication. He has also used his platform to speak and lecture at renowned universities such as Cornell, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins, on topics such as self-actualization, racism, and humanitarian issues.
As a talented performer, Khalil Ismail has a gift for connecting with audiences of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities. As a producer, he brings soulful and moving stories to life through his music, blending simplicity with intricate attention to detail.
Khalil’s musical journey has taken him to perform on stages worldwide, from Germany and Australia to the United Kingdom, West and South Africa. He has graced prestigious venues such as the Apollo Theatre and the New York Met’s Stadium, as well as being a featured performer at the Global Peace and Unity Conferences in the UK. He has shared the stage with renowned artists such as Yuna, Rakim, Brother Ali, Freeway, and Mos Def, as well as international nasheed artists such as Zain Bhikha, Maher Zain, Native Deen, Khaled Siddique, Harris J, Deen Squad, and More.He is a seasoned writer/performer, having entertained audiences around the world and shared the stage with prominent artists. He has also expanded his creative skills into filmmaking, releasing a short film that was featured on Amazon Prime.
Khalil Ismail is a multi-talented artist whose résumé showcases his creativity and musical abilities. However, his true passion lies in serving and empowering underserved communities. As a husband and devoted father, he dedicates much of his time to improving the lives of marginalized populations in Baltimore through mentorship and community initiatives. Khalil hosts events that combine entertainment with educational workshops and discussions on topics that impact humanity. His mission is to empower others through art, humanitarian work, and meaningful conversation.
Khalil is also in the process of creating two new albums inspired by Islam, “Allah and Friends” and “Soul Lift”. The former will explore the lives of the Prophets as spiritual ancestors who we must urgently learn from, while the latter will tackle contemporary issues of faith and provide inspiration to those facing challenges in their journey. Book or contact Khalil today to learn more!
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